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Our Focus

Our goal here at Child Kingdom Montessori is to carry out the vision of Maria Montessori. She was a great Italian pioneer in terms of childhood education. Essentially Montessori's idea was to allow children the chance to learn based on their interests. Through research Montessori learned that the most important time of our lives is from infancy to age six. This is where we develop our intelligence. Early childhood is where we start growing and learning how to be self sufficient. Montessori saw it fit for children to learn to do things for themselves instead of being taught how to do certain tasks. Also it is very important for a young child to be interested and engaged in what they are learning. Greater success and higher literacy can come from being happy while learning. We provide our children with this chance to learn by engaging materials such as arts & crafts, or objects like blocks or toys. Read our philosophy page to get a more in-depth look at the idea's Maria Montessori developed as her time being a child educator.

In Montessori's time....
Today's Montessori School Children.